HEPiX Documents

HEPiX is an international group of UNIX users and system administrators working in cooperating High Energy Physics institutions. The focus of the group is to share experiences, influence vendors and standards bodies and to investigate solutions to those problems which impede the use of Unix for mainstream work at the member institutions. Currently less emphasis is being placed on influencing outside bodies and more on the sharing of experiences, code and documentation.

Lisa Giacchetti, HEPiX chairperson

HEPNT was originally formed as a closed sub-group of HEP-CCC/HTASC in May 1997 to advise on and coordinate the use of Windows NT in High Energy Physics. The closed sub-group of HTASC has now been disbanded, but HEPNT lives on as an open forum to share experiences between HEP Windows NT/Windows 2000 users and service providers. HEPNT meetings are now held jointly with the HEPiX group, to enable exchange of information between the two groups and consideration of topics of joint interest.

In March 2000 a sub-group of HTASC was created to coordinate Windows 2000 issues in HEP. This group has met 3 or 4 times per year sometimes at HEPiX/HEPNT. The group will continue until at least summer 2002. It is considering those issues where coordination across HEP is necessary in addition to sharing information and experiences in use of Windows 2000 and more recently, Windows XP.

David Kelsey, HEPNT chairperson
Michel Jouvin/Gian Piero Siroli HTASC Windows 2000 coordination group leaders
D.Kelsey announced at the Spring 2004 meeting in Edinburgh that HEPNT/W2K no more exists.