Notes from the Spring 2004 HEPiX


This is not a trip report. Please consider it as informal notes of a few points that I found interesting. I was there in May 24-26. Potential action items for us are written in italics in the text. Please go to the actual talks linked from the agenda to see the full context and other useful links.

Welcome talk by David Berry (NeSC)
The UK e-Science programme covers the period 2001-2006. The total budget is 213M£ (UK pounds). The one of NeSC exceeds 20M£. This can be compared to the EGEE budget which is around 32M€/2years (euros). NeSC welcomes suggestions for additional events to be held at their premises, especially in the area of data management.
A VOMS-related GridPP activity at Manchester was mentioned, with future intention to bring up a VOMS server for use by BaBar. I asked for more information on this activity but nobody knew anything apart from the name of Andrew McNab, who I plan to contact.

Curiosities from the Site reports' day

Attractive points from the 2nd and 3rd day

Please read Silverman's report for additional information, especially on the Mass Storage Workshop, for which, unfortunately, I couldn't stay.

Maria Dimou, IT/GD, Grid Infrastructure Services