User Support survey

Run a HelpDesk(HD)? No Yes Yes Yes>1 Yes


Yes Yes Yes 1/site Yes
HD members 15 sys. admins 4-5 3+1 3+GL +experts 2-3

1 permanent staff and 1 rotating from other groups

1 dispatcher +15 analysts (Zeuthen) 6 students+5 analysts (Hamburg) all part-time ?

3+2x0.5 students

proportional to the site size 2.5
Outsourced? No Yes No No Yes No No No No No No
Questions/week 10-50 600 20-30 125 600 25-50 50-100 535 130 ? 100
Number of users 500 3.5K 2K 3.5K 8K 300 5-6K (Zeuthen & Hamburg) >>?K 1550 proportional to the site size >>?K
Solution OK? No formal mechanism User feedback User feedback OK if no user reply MoD check OK if no user reply OK if no user reply Some random checks No formal mechanism OK if no user reply User feedback
User satisfaction Meeting with user feedback Not measured Meeting with user feedback Not measured feedback request in ticket User feedback User feedback some questionnaires no follow-up No formal mechanism Not measured No formal mechanism
HD Success criteria Annual review with DoE Monthly meeting with contract Not measured Not measured aimed 80% resolution at 1st call User feedback

No formal mechanism open ticket count

? Mgnt feedback (rare) Mgnt feedback No formal mechanism
Problem tracking system Yes Yes Yes, home-made tool Peregrine (Remedy) ARS Yes Remedy Yes WebRT Yes Yes Remedy Yes, home-made tool CCPR No Yes Remedy customised
Special tel.system No Yes No No No Yes No No No No No
Escalation process Informal Manual Dispatch in the tool Dispatch in the tool Phone Pager in Remedy Dispatch in WebRT, email,phone None Automatically in remedy Dispatch in CCPR Informal Manual in Remedy
SLA for reply times? No Yes No No Yes Yes No Yes Many No but reply info on web No No
Support staff for desktops? Desktops not supported No No Yes Yes No Yes Yes No No No support other depts for a fee
Knowledge db? No Inventory tool Not for users In the tool Not for users ARS export to Lotus Notes Yes Yes in the tool. No No. Some FAQs/service No but CCPR search Yes in some sites Remedy search


CERN report on User Support

HEPiX Fall 2002

Maria Dimou - CERN/ User Services