The Team

The new support model is the product of the work of the following members of the User Services group:  

Nicole Cremel
Maria Dimou

Bernd Pollerman

Ludwig Pregernig

Hannes Schwarzbauer

David Underhill

Roger Woolnough

The Method

* Several periodical shifts with the helpdesk members
* Brainstorming sessions in the team
* Feedback meetings with the helpdesk and the service managers

* Give the helpdesk more than 10 mins/question to allow more time for solution search
* User interviews and general feedback
* Remedy reconfiguration to introduce Quality Assurance
* Data mining of a big range of past remedy 'problem and solution' cases
* Attachment of a responsible name (Manager on Duty) to every problem
* Input from industry market leaders to define objectives


CERN report on User Support

HEPiX Fall 2002

Maria Dimou - CERN/ User Services